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Teflon heater plate

2014/6/25      view:
1, uses the high quality heating wire directly coating (PFA) production, the use of fluorine plastic material America DuPont materials (TEFLON) Japanese Daikin (FLON) and other imported raw materials, corrosion resistance is strong, not sticky, energy saving, environmental protection, suitable for all kinds of corrosive liquid heating.
2, low power design of surface (<1.5W/C m ²) to ensure that the service life of the product.
3, the installation position of the electric heater must pay attention to prevent the solution in the sediments on an electric heater surface or surface too thick, liquid level too low will surface due to poor heat burnt Teflon (PFA).
4, the electric heater with optional PT100 temperature probe or temperature fuse (110 ℃), to ensure that the service life of the product and equipment safety.
5, energy-saving: energy saving 23% compared with the same power heater.
6, this product has passed the CE certification in the EU market