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Titanium heater characteristics

2014/6/25      view:
Titanium heater
Titanium is the Periodic Table IV B elements, like the appearance of steel, melting point 1672 ℃, belongs to the refractory metal. Titanium content in the earth's crust is rich, is much higher than that of Cu, Zn, Sn, Pb and other common metal. China's titanium resources are extremely rich, found only in Panzhihua area, Sichuan oversize in vanadium titanium magnetite, titanium metal reserves of about 4.2 tonnes of associated, close to the total proven reserves of foreign titanium.
Pure titanium mechanical performance is strong, good plasticity, easy processing, such as impurities, especially there are 0, N, C and other elements, can improve the strength and hardness of titanium, but will reduce the plasticity, increased brittleness.
Titanium is easily passivated metal, and under oxygen environment, self healing of the passivation film on the damage can. Therefore, titanium on air, water and some corrosion media are stable. Titanium and titanium alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, can only be eroded by alkali solution of hydrofluoric acid and medium concentration. Especially titanium are stable in water, titanium or titanium alloy in the sea for several years, after taking out, still bright as ever, far better than the stainless steel.
Another important characteristic of titanium is low density. Its strength is 3.5 times of stainless steel, 1.3 times that of aluminium alloy, is the highest in all industrial metal materials.
Titanium alloy with good corrosion resistance, titanium alloy in air and seawater wet, its corrosion resistance is much better than the stainless steel; pitting corrosion, especially strong to acid corrosion, stress corrosion resistance to alkali, chloride, chlorine; organic substances, nitric acid, sulfuric acid has excellent corrosion resistance.
So using titanium alloy to make the heater, corrosion particularly high.