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The working principle of explosion-proof heater

2014/6/25      view:
Explosion-proof electric heater is a kind of consumption of electric energy is converted to heat, for heating of a heating material. In the work of the low temperature fluid through a pipe under pressure into the input port, along the electric heating container specific heat flow, using path fluid thermodynamics principle design, take the heat energy generated in the heating elements, the heating medium temperature, the electric heater exports have high temperature medium process requirements. The electric heater internal control system according to automatically adjust the output power of electric heater temperature sensor signal output port, the output port of the medium temperature uniformity; when the heating element overheating, overheating protection device independent heating element immediately cut off the heating power, heating the material to avoid overheating caused by coking, metamorphism, carbonization, leading to severe fever element burn, prolong the service life of an electric heater.
Explosion proof principle
Explosion-proof heater for dangerous situations potentially explosive, due to the presence of flammable and explosive environment in a variety of oil, gas, dust, once in contact with the electric spark can cause an explosion, so on this occasion heating requires the use of explosion-proof heater. The main measures of anti explosion heater is in the junction box heater with an explosion-proof device, eliminating the hidden trouble of electric spark to detonate. For the heating in different situations, explosion-proof heater requirements are also different, depending on the specific circumstances.