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The main classification of electric heater

2014/6/25      view:
The electric heater is refers to the use of electrical energy to the heating effect of electrical appliances, according to kinds of heating methods to distinguish, can be divided into three categories:
The 1 electromagnetic heating -- electromagnetic heating is through the electronic circuit board component produces alternating magnetic field, when the iron container is placed above, the current container surface with cutting alternating magnetic lines and produce alternating at the bottom of the container of metal part (i.e. swirl), so that the vortex at the bottom of the container portion of the iron atom speed no regular exercise, atomic collisions, friction heat. In order to heating effect. Because the iron container self heating, all thermal conversion rate is very high, can reach a maximum of 95%. Electromagnetic furnace current, electromagnetic stove are electromagnetic heating technology used.
Heat transfer form 2 infrared heating -- infrared is the radiation heat transfer, transfer energy by electromagnetic wave. In the far infrared radiation to the heated object, a ray is reflected back through the past, part. When the far infrared wavelength emitted and absorbed wavelength consistent heating object, the heated objects absorb infrared, at this time, the internal molecular objects and atomic "resonance" -- produce strong vibration, rotation, and vibrating and rotating the object temperature increased, reached the purpose of heating.
3 resistance heating -- using the current through the electric heating bodies emit heat to heat the blank. The resistance wire heating, common ceramic heater, and the resistance coil heating, quartz tube heating, principle belongs to the electrical resistance heating.