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Daily maintenance knowledge.

2014/6/25      view:

1, the heater running after a period of time (according to the use of the user), unscrew the ignition plug cleaning carbon, such as ignition Sethe burned off, remove the ignition plug new replacement.
2, if the carbon deposition caused by too much, lower the heat efficiency, carbon deposit cleaning should be the inner wall of the water jacket heat sinks and combustion chamber.
3, if it is found that the main intake pipe heater exhaust pipe and oil dripping pipe mud filled, please timely clean-up, dredge. Please keep the heater cabin cleaning, no place of flammable debris around.
4, ensure the oil tank, oil pipe and oil solenoid valve clean, prevent oil plug dirt.
5, the heater circulation system should antifreeze used in temperature and external environment as a circulating heating medium.
6, the heater and the water pump should be based on the use of the user, regular inspection, if found that the seal member Water Leakage sealing effect, or start the pump operation difficult fault, should be timely maintenance.
7, the heater host on the automatic control box, oil filter electromagnetic rice and other electrical components are generally low voltage electrical maintenance method for maintenance, automatic control box of each parameter in the factory by the manufacturer carefully debugging, do not arbitrarily change the user.
8, ensuring the thermal control in good condition, regular inspection, if found a microswitch failure or damage, please change.
The main motor, heater 9 multi use, under normal circumstances, the use of 5000 hours do not need repair, such as the use of too much time or other reasons is not working properly, should be overhauled, check the wear or bearing lubrication, if necessary, please add lubricant or replace the carbon brush.
In 10, during the warm season without using a heater regularly, please start the 4 -- 5 times, each running about 5 minutes, to ensure the normal operation of the heater in the next time.