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The dry burning heater

2014/6/25      view:
Material dry heating tube is made of high quality stainless steel, modified oxidized protactinium powder, high resistance electric heating wire, stainless steel sink, and through the production equipment and advanced production technology, and carried out strict quality management, heating occasions this series of products can be installed in the blowing pipe or at rest, the air flow. Fin type electric heating tube, is in the ordinary element surface wound metal fins, compared with the common component radiating area increased by 2 ~ 3 times, namely the surface load power allows the fin component is the common element of 3 ~ 4 times. Because the element length is shortened, the heat loss is reduced, under the same power condition, has quick heating, uniform heating, good heat radiating performance, high thermal efficiency, long service life, the heating device has the advantages of small volume, low cost advantages. According to user requirements for the reasonable design, convenient installation. Products in the machinery manufacturing, automotive, textile, food, household appliances industry, especially widely used in air conditioning air curtain industry.