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Teflon heater product features

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Teflon heater product features
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A, Teflon electrothermal products:
Vertical screw with probe F4, L spiral F4, W erect F4, mosquito repellent incense upright F4, erect two circle, elliptic F4 three-phase L type parallel with probe F4, L 220V 1, the French F4 Teflon heater
Two, product features:
The 1 is made of high quality stainless steel (SUS316 or SU304) electric heating tube core, outer Teflon tube (PTFE) system, strong corrosion resistance, heat is applied to all kinds of corrosive liquid.
2 the design of low power on the surface (1.5W/CM2), to ensure that the service life of the product.
Installation position 3 electric heater must pay attention to prevent the deposition of solid solution to the surface of the liquid electric heater, or not thick, liquid level too low will burn the Teflon tube surface due to poor heat (PTFE)
Just changed small surface area can not be size 4 electric heater, otherwise it will make the surface electric heater power is too large, affecting the service life of electric heater.
5 all the heater can be equipped with overheat protector or PT100 temperature probe, to ensure that the service life of the product and equipment safety.
6 for Teflon (PTFE) tube resistant to corrosion is not sticky, so widely used for heating oxidation acid polishing, chemical plating, chemical plating nickel and high requirements of chemical liquid.
7 can design a variety of structural forms, such as the spiral type, L type, U type, W type, type, combination of mosquito repellent incense.
8 I Teflon heater compulsory CE certification through the EU market